10-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

So, you’ve planned the whole trip, booked a hotel, a rental car and everything is waiting for you on the other side, but suddenly your arrival gets delayed for 10 hours, what do you do?

What you can do is claim 10-hour flight delay compensation according to European Regulation EC261/2004 which has extensive protection for air passengers.

Airline companies rely on your ignorance – know your rights

It’s a miracle if a flight goes smoothly, we get to the airport, go through check-in and security and board the plane and land with a 10-hour delay.

This occurrence is becoming more and more prevalent in air travel, leaving passengers overnight with little to no choice but to weather out the storm and just go along.

But with Colibra this does not have to be the case, earn money while in the air, even if the flight has been delayed for only 1 hour. We’ve created a community of travelers who have suffered from long and unnecessary delays, people who want justice and want their 10-hour flight delay compensation no matter the reason for delay.

What can I do when my arrival time is delayed by 10 hours

According to European legislation and Regulation EC261 you are eligible for flight delay compensation on the grounds that the flight delay is more than 3 hours, the fault is not with the company and they are a European service provider.

Though this is an oversimplification, there are some provisions in this law which allow you to claim different amounts depending on the distance and delay of the flight.

This is what you need to know about 10-hour flight delay compensation

In order to be eligible for flight delay compensation you need to have had this issue in the past 3 years, and the company must be found at fault.

This law, while providing you coverage, also provides protection to airlines from paying our compensations due to delays caused by unforeseen causes out of their control.

What constitutes causes out of a company’s control

It means that a company is not liable for compensation if the weather does not allow your plane taking off, however, they are responsible for providing information and alternatives to this delay.

In cases where other airline companies with the same circumstances have been able to provide care, but yours has not, you can lawfully claim 10-hour flight delay compensation.

  • There are security risks like environmental or human security risks;
  • There’s a medical emergency and the plane must the grounded for assistance;
  • Air traffic control strikes.

 But they are obliged to compensate you in cases which the delay is due to misconduct like:

  • Delays due to worker strikes;
  • Bad refueling scheduling;
  • Delays in baggage loading;
  • Bad scheduling;
  • Technical difficulties of company plains.

In these cases you should be granted 10-hour flight delay compensation and even be reimbursed for the ticket price in cases where your flight is cancelled and you haven’t been notified 14 days prior to it.

What is the easiest way of claiming flight delay compensation – the Colibra way

We’ve all been there, this is why we’ve created a specialized application for your phone which automatically follows the schedule of your flight and arrival time and provides you with automatic flight delay compensation.

This way you DON’T have to deal with companies and claim policies or worry about following the guidelines.

Even if the company is not at fault for the delay you still get flight delay compensation – especially if it’s less than 90 minutes.

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