2-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

Most of the provisions of the EU261 give all passengers who have experienced flight delays the option to claim some sort of flight delay compensation, but airline companies sometimes fight those claims tooth and nail.

The resolution can take months, reaching courts and lawyers, and by the time it’s over you’ve spent more than the money you were entitled to.

One way to claim 2-hour flight delay compensation is by using a well designed mobile app like Cоlibrа, which allows you to share your claims with other travellers even when you don’t qualify for such compensation.

This app is a community of air travelers who are fed up with airline companies refusing to pay their fair share, law mandated flight delay compensation and have taken terms into their own hands.

Are there any companies which provide 2-hour flight delay compensation

According to Regulation EC 261/2004 of the European Union, you are entitled to flight delay compensation only after a flight’s arrival at your final destination has been delayed past the 3-hour mark.

Anything below 3 hours and you will not be eligible for any compensation – meaning that if you were scheduled to arrive at 4PM but you arrive at 7PM then you have a right to claim.

The only company which allows 2-hour flight delay compensation is RyanAir, but our customers have found that it’s extremely difficult to actually successfully win a claim against them.

Airline companies are financial entities, they are a business which thrives on making money, and any time they lose capital it’s bad for their future.

So, they tend to abide by the rules set by the European Commission and EC261, however, their definitions of important words can sometimes be skewed in their favor.

Hence why applications like our Colibra exist – they allow you to automatically claim 2-hour flight delay compensation and any other delay, without any hassle.

What are you entitled to for a 2-hour flight delay?

Most companies will not process your claim even if the 2-hour delay is due to their misconduct, simply because by law they are required to do so after the 3-hour mark. There are some rare cases where companies will process such claims and may grant you up to 250EUR for it, however, this will be like winning the lottery.

Considering most of the flight delays are under 2 hours, most of which are around the 1-hour mark, the chance of you getting any compensation is quite slim. However, the inconvenience of staying grounded, especially if it’s the company’s fault, is infuriating and you deserve some compensation.

EC261 allows you to make a claim if the distance of the flight is above 3,500 kilometers and your flight has been delayed more than 3 hours, however, there are some provisions which must be followed. For instance, the flight, even if intercontinental, must be by an EU based company.

If the flight is arriving in Europe but the company you are flying with is not European you might not be eligible, even if the flight’s delay is their fault. This really depends on the policy of the company itself, however, if the flight is departing from Europe and it is delayed you are entitled to flight delay compensation.

Make your life easier with a smart flight application

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