24-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delays can be a horrible experience, especially when we’re talking about such a huge one as a 24-hour delay.

The most important thing in such a situation is to not panic and remember that as an EU air passenger you have certain rights.

This is thanks to the EU Regulation 261/2004 which protects air passenger’s rights and sets very straight rules about how and when passengers must be compensated.

In today’s article we will try to introduce you to your rights as a passenger, when are you eligible for compensation, as well as how to claim it.

Am I Eligible For Compensation For a 24 Hour Flight Delay?

In order to find out if you’re eligible for compensation in the case of a flight delay, you must be familiar with the requirements and conditions needed to consider the delay of the flight a violation of air passenger’s rights.

To make it easier for you, the customer, we’ve arranged a several step plan which will explain in an easy and simple manner the conditions necessary for you to be eligible for compensation.

So, firstly you must know what is considered a flight delay. It must cover the whole trip as well as the landing time. This means that if the flight is late at take-off and during the trip, but manages to compensate for that and lands sooner than the pre-delay expected, then you won’t qualify for compensation.

It’s important to clarify that anything above a 1-hour delay is eligible for compensation, so in your scenario of a 24-hour flight delay, you are definitely eligible for financial compensation and even more (more on that later).

Secondly, you must clarify whose fault the delay of the flight is. If it’s the airline you’re flying with, then everything is in your favour and you have the right to seek compensation.

If it’s not the airline’s fault, however, then you can’t claim anything. Unforeseen and force majeure circumstances such as bad climate, technical difficulties, workers strikes and others can’t be blamed on the airline, therefore you don’t have the right to seek compensation if the case is something of the above mentioned.

Thirdly, the flight you’re on must be regulated by the EU standards. The EU itself imposes standards and therefore regulates them so these standards can be fulfilled. But if the airline or concrete flight you’re on, aren’t EU regulated, then you can’t seek compensation under the EU regulation 261/2004.

What Am I Entitled To For My Delay?

If everything matches and you’re 100% sure you are eligible for compensation then you must know what you are entitled to.

It’s important to state that the amount of the compensation is in no way related to the price of your ticket, so if you were hoping to get higher compensation because of your more expensive ticket, you’re in for a disappointment.

Here is how things stand in terms of compensations:

  • €250 for flights less than 1,500 km;
  • €300 for fights more than 3,500km, delayed by 3-4 hours;
  • €400 for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km;
  • €600 for flights more than 3,500 km, delayed by more than 4 hours.

Another very important thing to know is the „right to care“. This is a set of additional benefits for longer flight delays such as a 24-hour delay.

This right to care gives you additional free meals (or free meal vouchers), free refreshments, as well as Internet access. In addition, you can get a free hotel room, which is more than necessary if your delay is 24 hours.

Everything you might need while waiting for your next flight is thought of. All you have to do is know the benefits you’re entitled to and seek them.

How To Claim My Compensation?

Here comes the serious the part that everyone is interested in. How do you claim your compensation?

Airlines are well aware of those compensations and what they owe to you, they just try to ignore it in the hope of passengers who aren’t familiar with their rights and who won’t ask for compensation.

This is why it’s entirely in your favour to recognize your benefits and rights as an EU air passenger.

Most of the time airlines will try to prolong conversations and procedures, hoping that passengers will eventually get tired of waiting and quit their claims.

One way of sticking to your rights is hiring a lawyer who will defend your interests. You should know, however, that lawyers require upfront payments, while at the same time don’t guarantee you any results.

Actually, no one can guarantee you that you’ll receive your compensation – not even the EU. This is the reason so many passengers quit their claims and airlines are counting exactly on that.

Colibra is an innovative way of claiming your financial compensation because it’s free, easy and guarantees compensation in a very short period of time.

The Colibra Way To Claim

Using Colibra is easy and convenient, so it’s no surprise that it is becoming more and more popular. All you have to do to use it is actually download it, install it on your mobile phone and then register your boarding pass no later than 20 minutes before your flight takes off.

Even if there is no expected delay, you should register your pass anyway as a means of insurance in the case of an unexpected flight delay.

Why use Colibra? Because it gives you reliable information about the delay of the flight in real-time because it will save you money and time doing something, that someone else can do for you, because you will receive a guaranteed payment within 24 hours after landing and, of course, because it’s absolutely free.

Getting your passenger rights violated is not an option any more thanks to Colibra. In case of a flight delay, you will get a fully guaranteed financial compensation.

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