7-hour flight delay compensation

Travelling can be quite stressful, especially when you have obligations waiting for you on the other end, so it’s quite understandable to be furious when you realize your flight has been delayed for 7 hours.

And while you cannot turn back the clock and get those 7 hours back, there is something that you can do, you can claim a 7-hour flight delay compensation using Colibra.

What to do in case of a 7-hour flight delay

Whenever you find yourself in an airport waiting to depart and you arrive at your destination 7 hours later, the thing you can do is claim 7-hour flight delay compensation with the responsible company.

According to 2014 European Regulation (known as EC261) you are eligible for compensation as long as the reason for the delay is the company’s misconduct which can be anything from logistical problems, to technical difficulties.

Criteria for claiming flight delay compensation from an airline

Since 2014 flight safety and passenger rights have become a big topic in the European Parliament due to many cases where companies have been responsible for flight delays, and have not provided any compensation for their customers. In order to be eligible for such compensation there are several things that need to be present.

Arrival time of flight must be more than 3 hours according to scheduled time of landing and the company must be at fault for said delay.

There are circumstances which do not qualify you for such compensation and these are the cases which have caused the delay beyond the control of the company such as – bad weather, security threat, medical emergency and extraordinary circumstances.

It could be argued that “extraordinary circumstances” is a vague, blanket term which can summarize quite a lot of reasons for a delay, and it can be used as a reason for a company to deny you a proper compensation.

This is why a lot of people either tend not to claim such compensation, or follow through with a lawyer which can cost them more than they would have received from the compensation.

The air carrier must be of European origins

When the company is of European origins and has a headquarters in one of the European economic region cities, and is at fault for the delay, as long as it is more than 3 hours you are eligible for flight delay compensation.

Even in cases where the flight is connecting or arriving in Europe, you are eligible for 7-hour flight delay compensation.

How much are you going to get if your flight is delayed for 7 hours

The size of the compensation really depends on the distance of the flight as well as the length of the delay, there are some general guidelines that EC261 provides which are as follows:

  • Short distance flight of bellow 1,500km with a delay above 3 hours gets 250 EUR;
  • Medium distance flight between 1,500km and 3,500km with a delay above 3 hours is 400 EUR;
  • Delay above 3-4 hours more than 3,500km distance between EU and non-EU airport 300 EUR;
  • Delay of 4 hours or longer with 3,500km or above between EU and non-EU airports is 600 EUR.

When can you claim this compensation

You can claim 7-hour flight delay compensation only if the company is found at fault or you are using an application like ours at Colibra which allows you to claim any delay compensation, regardless if the company is at fault or not.

Our way allows you to justly receive compensation for any delay, even if it’s 7 hours – the app is free of charge and pays you 24 hours after landing. Payouts in Bitcoin are also possible.

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