8-Hour Flight Delay Compensation

Any amount of flight delay will mess up with any personal plans, especially if last minute – you might miss a connection, an important event, a job interview or any other important occasion.

Even if it’s a vacation, no one wants to spend their precious 8 hours sitting at the airport – so we at Colibra have devised a way for you to get 8-hour flight delay compensation quick and easy.

No more dealing with airlines, with Colibra it’s easy

Have you had that awful flight experience because of which you arrive 8 hours later than you should have – and now your plans are falling apart because of it?

Have you craved for justice but don’t know how to go about it? Then we are the right service for you – we help and inform people who have had a flight disruption due to unforeseen circumstances.

Most companies will tell you that you cannot claim 8-hour flight delay compensation if the airline is not at fault for the delay, but with us you can. Our community guided application allows you to claim compensation on grounds of delayed flight even if the circumstances of the delay were outside of the company’s control.

What are your rights in case of 8-hour flight delay?

Thankfully the EU has provided overall coverage and protection of passengers with the EU261, a Regulation of law which allows a passenger to claim flight disruption compensation up to 600 EUR.

This is a comprehensive document which allows people to claim compensation from 250EUR to 600EUR, however, there are some strict criteria which need to be followed in order for this to go through.

How can you claim 8-hour flight delay compensation?

You need to either contact the company or use a lawyer to claim such compensation on the grounds that the airline is responsible for the inconvenience.

However, there are certain provisions in EU 261 which protect airlines from wrongful accusations and those are gravitating around circumstances of delay beyond the control of the company.

What are the circumstances under which you can claim compensation?

In cases where the company is at fault for the delay, you can claim compensation – these cases are logistical problems, company worker strikes, technical difficulties, bad scheduling and so forth.

The company is required by law to give you a truthful reason for the flight delay and in the cases where they do not, they are liable for providing false information to government authorities.

What are the circumstances under which you cannot claim flight delay compensation?

You will be denied compensation in the cases where the company is not responsible for the delay and has done everything to provide you with enough information or an alternative. Such cases involve but are not limited to:

  • Air traffic controller striker;
  • Security concerns;
  • Bad weather;
  • Medical Emergency;
  • Extraordinary circumstances.

The last article of the provision has a vague definition, which does allow companies to provide it as a valid reason for denying you compensation.

How can you get 8 hour flight delay compensation?

The easiest way of getting justice for such a long flight disruption is if you use our mobile app Colibra which allows you (and any other traveller) flight delay compensation even in cases where you do not meet the criteria. Even if the company is not at fault you still get proper 8-hour flight delay compensation.

Considering the alternative of dealing with bureaucracy or lawyers, your best and most convenient bet is using our simple and safe app that guarantees you flight delay compensation if anything happens. 

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