Airline ticket sales policy

1. The plane tickets are sold by Colibra Bulgaria EOOD, UIC 205935024, with address Sofia, Simeonovsko shose 33 (“Colibra”). Colibra is a travel agency registered in the Register of entities performing travel agency activities at the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. The customer is provided the opportunity to use the service of Colibra through the mobile application of Colibra and / or the website of Colibra. The customer reviews and searches the website or the Colibra mobile application for the route and flights for which he wants to purchase a ticket, after which he makes a request to purchase a plane ticket for a flight selected by the customer.

3. The client selects a flight and confirms to Colibra the details of the flight for which he requests a reservation.

4. The customer agrees to the contractual terms of Colibra, amounts due for the price of the plane ticket and other terms of the service of Colibra.

5. After the client accepts the conditions of Colibra, Colibra makes a reservation and buys a plane ticket according to the client’s request.

6. All travel conditions and flights of the client shall be governed by the contract between the client and the airline to which Colibra is not a party.

7. The client does not pay the price of the selected plane ticket before the respective flight to which the ticket applies is performed.

8. After the flight, for which a ticket has been purchased from Colibra on the request of the client, is performed according to the applicable schedule, the client shall pay the price of the plane ticket purchased from Colibra at Colibra’s request, as well as additional fees, amounts and costs, if any are incurred by the customer and paid for by Colibra.

9. In case the flight is canceled, the client does not pay for the plane ticket purchased using the service of Colibra. Colibra refunds the price of the ticket purchased by Colibra from the airline.

10. In case the flight is delayed by at least 3 hours (180 minutes), the client does not pay for the plane ticket purchased using the service of Colibra.

Refund policy

1. When purchasing a plane ticket through the service of Colibra, the client does NOT pay for the plane ticket before the flight is performed, ie when the flight arrives on time according to the schedule applicable to the flight.

2. After the flight has been performed, the client shall pay the price of the plane ticket, as well as other amounts, fees and expenses, if Colibra has made such in connection with the plane ticket at the request of the client and for the flight chosen by him. Payment is made by bank card, which the customer registers on the website or mobile application of Colibra.

3. The amounts paid by the client for the service of Colibra are not refundable.

4. The customer has the right to cancel the plane ticket or to change or rebook it according to the conditions of the respective airline. In case the refusal leads to additional amounts, fees and expenses, which Colibra paid on behalf and at the expense of the client, the client is obliged to pay to Colibra these amounts, fees and expenses. The latter are paid by the client via the bank card entered in the website / mobile application of Colibra.