BA flight delay compensation with Colibra

The 21st century is an age of amazing innovation, so much that we are taking some of the things we have grown up with for granted – like air travel for example.

The miracle of modern engineering allows us to travel long distances in a matter of hours, basically flying while sitting on a chair in the sky – however, it can sometimes take more than a couple of hours, especially if your flight is delayed.

Claiming your own BA flight delay compensation

Whenever a flight is delayed it can be a major inconvenience, not only making you wait for hours, but also messing up your schedule and any plans you might have had.

Airline companies like British Airways more often than naught have good organization and honor their agreement with passengers, but in cases where your flight has been delayed because of the company, you’re entitled to compensation.

According to Regulation EC261 you have the right to claim BA flight delay compensation on account that the company you are flying with has not taken appropriate measures to warn you beforehand.

There are other provisions in the legislation giving your traveler’s rights, which entitle you to flight delay compensation in the cases where:

  • The arrival time to your destination has been delayed for more than 3 hours;

This means that if you are scheduled for arrival at 2 PM and you arrive later than 5 PM you are entitled to a certain amount of compensation and depending on the distance it can be up to 600 EUR.

  • The delay is the airline’s fault;

This is where the tricky part comes in – there are certain circumstances in which the airline can wave your compensation based on “extraordinary circumstances”. But if it can be proven that the company is responsible for the delay of your flight, you are fully entitled to the aforementioned compensation.

  • It’s an EU flight or a flight of an EU company;

Meaning that the flight is limited to the borders of the Economic European Union or countries like Switzerland, UK, Norway and others.

This also applies for flights that have been delayed which are arriving in Europe as long as the company is of European origins – meaning that you can be traveling from New York to Berlin with BA and  you will be entitled to BA flight delay compensation.

How much should you expect in BA flight delay compensation?

There are set rules which govern the amount of the compensation depending on delay time and distance. In the following cases you should be expecting the following amounts:

  • Short distance flights within EU up to 1,500km – 250 EUR;
  • Medium distance flights within EU between 1,500km and 3,500km – 400 EUR;
  • Long distance flights over 3,500km get 600 EUR.

As long as you keep your receipt and have had this delay within the last three years, AND the company is for blame for the delay and is willing to admit it, then you are entitled to BA flight delay compensation.

Save yourself the hassle, use Colibra

We’ve all been there, on the phone with a company representative, almost always hitting a brick wall, and in that moment we wish justice was simpler. Well with our mobile app Colibra, you are able to get BA flight delay compensation even without applying with the company.

That’s right, all you have to do to get justice is install the free app on your phone, register your flight before take-off and every time you experience a delay of even 1 hour, you automatically get your compensation – it’s that simple.

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