When is the best time to book a flight

The best time to book a flight is 2 months in advance of the departure date.

Air travel is a modern engineering miracle – a 200-ton tube of aluminium with wings and jet engines flying at 1,100 kilometres per hour, while you are sitting in a chair in the sky.

When you say it like that it sounds like a cartoon but these are the facts of humanity’s ingenuity, allowing us to fly faster than the speed of sound while sipping root beer and watching movies.

Organizing a trip starts with the flight

You can plan ahead all you want, but without having a flight in place your trip isn’t going anywhere. It’s not a trip without transportation and as flying is becoming more and more available, chances are you will be sitting in a chair in the sky for your vacation to Verona this summer.

It’s obvious that you will take the easiest way, even if it’s just a business trip, but you still have to book a seat – so how long should you wait before buying a ticket?

There are several approaches, some of which focus on saving money, others on convenience, planning and being flexible enough to reschedule if needed.

Book a flight 2 months in advance

If you know the date of the departure, let’s say you are planning a holiday trip and you want to save some money on rush-time prices you could book in advance.

Any booking service will show you an accurate calculation of the price if you buy in advance, however, the chances of flight rescheduling over the 2 months are greater than a 1-week flight.

Colibra provides you with real-time updates even if you book 2 months in advance, it lets you know if there are scheduling changes and gives you proper countdowns to the flight.

This way you are on top of your trip organization and you know exactly what to expect. In the case of delays, the app will automatically help you get your flight delay compensation for free.

Book a flight 1 week in advance

While booking 1 week in advance of your departure date is a little bit more expensive, there are times where the air traffic is not so high and companies will have pretty good deals.

You might get lucky with a quiet period where not a lot of people are looking to fly with that certain company and you should expect a low fee.

Booking 1 week in advance also can be more convenient in terms of scheduling because it’s a lot less likely for the company to change the schedule in the time frame. Even if there are changes, a travel app like Colibra allows you to react appropriately.

Book a flight the same day

This is likely the most expensive option and is only really practised in cases of emergency or when a flight has been cancelled because of “extraordinary circumstances” such as a hurricane or a security threat.

In such cases, you can easily claim flight disruption compensation and by European law, if the flight arrival is delayed for more than 3 hours, you are entitled to 250EUR at the lowest and 600EUR at the most.

Colibra helps you claim compensations hassle-free

We’ve all experienced the boredom of staying hours and hours at a terminal, only to be crammed into a small seat with a crying baby next row.

So you claim what is owed to you for the scheduling inconvenience, and then you are rejected a reasonable plea – why just not use your Colibra app and get what you truly deserve with a 100% guarantee?