What are the best travel apps

One main rule of travel is organization and while in the olden days that was done with a map and a compass, today we have modern technology to aid us and make life easier.

One of the best aids is finding the best travel apps and here we are going to discuss what to look for in such applications.

Doing organization better with the best travel apps

Modern life demands a lot from us. If we could we would be in two separate places at once, so we have to combine personal and work life. And as if that was not enough, you have to deal with flight delays.

As much as we want, the chances of a flight going smoothly are quite low, especially considering the large amount of budget airlines out there like WizzAir and RyanAir.

The way these airlines make money is by rarely scheduling for aircraft maintenance, only dealing with minor problems and refuelling, with plains often flying 24/7.

The added pressure of proper scheduling, screw changes and cabin cleaning between each flight means that delays are inevitable once someone does not do their job properly – sadly flyers pay for it.

So, whenever you are looking for the best travel apps you should consider the scheduling mishaps that might occur because of flight delays and in order to deal with those properly you need information on time.

What our app Colibra does for you is gather all of your flight info in one place as well as give you real-time details on flight delays, gate changes, departure and arrival times.

The best travel apps provide convenience

Most of the problems when travelling come from the lack of the right information at the right time. Our Colibra app allows you to maintain a good grasp on the situation because it gives you real-time updates on the condition of the flight.

Not only that but it also provides coverage for all boarding passes basically becoming your traveller’s wallet – no need to deal with pen and papers.

It helps you in the case of delays and flight delay compensations

As of 2004 passengers on European regulated flights and airlines registered in Europe, have the right to claim flight delay or cancellation compensation from the company responsible for the delay.

The criteria for receiving such compensation are based on the fault of the delay, i.e. if the company could have prevented the delay in the case of bad scheduling or airline staff strike.

However, a company can claim “extraordinary circumstances” as the reason for the delay and would then refuse the payout of flight delay compensation.

In court, it can be extremely difficult to actually prove what the reason for the flight delay was – as a company is not obliged to go into detail for the actual reason.

How the best travel apps can deal with that

A flight delay becomes obvious when you look at the scheduled landing and compare it to the actual landing of the plane – let’s say you should have landed at 2 pm but you are landing at 5.

The Regulation EU261 provides you with the right to claim flight delay compensation and it gives you the right to demand it from the airline responsible for the delay.

Our Colibra app not only gives you the information for the delay but also allows you to automatically claim flight delay compensation even if the flight was delayed for only 60 minutes. No company would pay you, but we would – all done quick and simple within 24 hours after landing.