Colibra Introduces The Premium Frequent Flyer Membership

premium membership

Despite disruption from the Covid-19 outbreak Colibra has been working tirelessly to provide further protection for all community members, who still need to travel during the pandemic. The brand new service from Colibra ensures that Premium users will get for a year up to €600* for every flight delay of 3 hours or more (regardless of the reason) or every flight cancellation (not caused by official airport clоsures or country lockdowns). 

As with the standard protection, Premium users need to register their flight in the free mobile app before take-off, choose the desired payment amount (for delays between 1-3h) and agree to share their potential right to compensation under EU261 so that many more travellers can get paid up to 30 times more often and without any hassle. 

With Premium Frequent Flyer you get: 

  • Premium delay protection up to €600* for 3h+ flight delays 
  • Premium cancellation protection up to €600* for cancellations within 14 days or less
  • Standard protection up to €100** for 1-3h flight delays
  • Any delay reason coverage (incl. bad weather, strikes, etc.)
  • Guaranteed payout (in 24 hours after disruption)
  • Unlimited events and payouts (1-year protection for all your flights)

The Premium Frequent Flyer Membership is an awesome alternative to the services of flight compensation brokers, which charge a success fee of 20-40% for each delayed or cancelled flight, meaning you will have costs of several hundred euros pro flight. 

You might ask yourself – why do I need Premium protection for my flights, when I am entitled to compensation under EU261 without paying a cent? That’s right. When flights get delayed or cancelled passengers are eligible for compensation under some very strict rules. But what are those?

First of all, the flight delay needs to be 3 hours or more, which includes the whole trip and the landing time. Delays between 1 and 3 hours are not covered by European law. 

Second, the airline should be responsible for the delay or cancellation, which is hard to prove and happens rather rarely. If the flight disruption is caused by unforeseen circumstances, which are out of airline’s control, such as bad weather, strikes, political insecurity etc., you don’t have the right to seek financial compensation. 

Furthermore, there is a high probability that you will need to go to court. Due to the current events, it is very hard for an airline to admit that it has been in breach of its obligations to protect passenger rights and it is even harder to have an airline pay compensation voluntarily, that is without a lawsuit. In other words, claiming under EU261 becomes expensive due to lawyer fees, not guaranteed because of the lack of information and takes between 6 months and a year to go through. 

And last but not least, if there is no explicit decision by the authorities, government or other official institutions like airports to suspend flights due to Covid-19, passengers should be compensated by the airline if the airline chooses to cancel flights themselves. However, а lot of airlines take advantage of the current situation and cancel flights with Covid-19 as a reason, which are in reality not related to the Covid-19 crisis at all. Good news is, that Colibra pays for all cancellation reasons except proven force majeure cases, caused directly by the global pandemic. 

So if you want a 100% guarantee that in case of an event affecting your flight, you will receive instant cash within 24 hours, download the Colibra app, get yourself the Premium Flyer Membership and travel safely without worrying about anything!

*Premium payouts depend on the flight’s distance acc. to EU261 (for short distances up to 1.500 km – €250; for medium distances between 1.500 – 3.500 km – €400; for long distances over 3.500 km – €600)

**Standard payouts depend on user’s delay time preferences