Colibra Travel Buddy: Introducing The NEW Unified Flying Experience

colibra travel buddy

One of Colibra’s most prominent ambitions in 2021 was to offer our dedicated users a unified flying experience, which will combine all elements of the flight process in one single mobile application. As the year slowly comes to an end, we can proudly say that we have achieved our goal and set a new standard in the aviation industry!

Colibra Travel Buddy, available now with all new features and functionalities on Google Play and Apple Store, provides travellers with the opportunity to book plane tickets with no upfront cost, secure instant compensations for tickets booked via the app and use an integrated boarding pass wallet to have everything in one place during the trip. 

But let’s take a deeper look at each and every step of the process: 

1. Booking ‘Fly Now, Pay If Okay’ tickets 

The ‘Fly Now, Pay If Okay’ service allows users to book flights and pay post-usage, meaning that you pay after the flight has landed on time. If the flight delays by 3 hours or more, you fly completely for free – the ticket’s price is on us. If the flight is cancelled and you decide not to book provided alternatives, you don’t owe us anything.

Colibra pays for your ticket instead and pursues the airline if something happens. We truly believe that no one should pay for bad experiences anymore. 

First, you choose your destination and flight dates. You add your payment details. We won’t charge your card at the time of the booking – we just block the necessary sum. If the flight is to be cancelled, for example, we would release the amount right away. 

The main advantage of this new booking service is that you don’t bear any financial risk before the trip. And what is more, you would not need to deal with refunds or travel vouchers on your own. 

2. Securing flight compensations

Colibra’s compensation service is now available only for flights booked via the app. Thus, we ensure that our users will have access to one fully integrated solution, which will guarantee them risk-free flying if they choose to book with us. 

Аs until now, you need to add your Colibra ticket no later than 20 min. prior to take-off & secure an instant, guaranteed compensations for every 1+ hour flight delay or cancellation. 

3. Using a boarding pass wallet 

Last but not least, you can view all flight details at a glance in your boarding pass wallet. If you prefer to go paperless you can use a QR code to get through airport security аnd get notified of flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes. 

So make sure to download the app and be one of the first in the world to try ‘Fly Now, Pay If Okay’ available for numerous airlines and travel routes. And don’t forget – the cost is only deducted from your credit card when you arrive at your destination, as opposed to paying at the point of booking when buying a ticket directly with an airline. 

And of course, if you’re already familiar with Colibra make sure to update your app to get access to flight deals and your well-known hassle-free way of getting compensated for all Colibra flights. 

Happy flying with Colibra Travel Buddy!