Easyjet Flight Delay Compensation: How to claim?

It’s a well-known fact among low-cost airlines that their on-time performance is not the best. Budget air carriers experience flight delays and cancellations more often than traditional full-service airlines. Despite this, studies have shown that in the past years companies like Ryanair, easyJet, Wizzair, etc. have rapidly expanded their share of the global air travel and have become a preferred customer choice due to lower prices and flexible routes (Statista, 2019). 

When flights get delayed passengers are eligible for compensation in certain circumstances. The Regulation 261/2004 sets specific rules for air passengers rights on European regulated flights, which also include flight disruptions caused by easyJet. Thanks to EU261 (also known as EC 261) everyone should get compensated whenever their flight is delayed by the fault of the airline.

Easyjet flight delay compensation and air passenger rights 

But what are the criteria needed to claim Easyjet flight delay compensation and what exceptions do you need to consider when seeking money for your delayed flight. Here’s a handy checklist to guide you through the process:

  1. The flight delay needs to be 3 hours or more 

According to the European Regulation, the flight delay must be at least 3 hours, which includes the whole trip and the landing time. If it happens that the airline somehow makes up for the lost time and you arrive less than 3 hours late you are no longer eligible for compensation.  

  1. The airline is responsible for the delay

In order to claim easyJet flight delay compensation, the delay must be the airline’s fault. If it’s caused by unforeseen circumstances, which are out of easyJet’s control, such as bad weather, strikes, political insecurity etc., you don’t have the right to seek financial compensation. 

  1. The flight must be EU regulated 

In this case, your flight must depart from a European country or must be carried out by an airline registered in the EU. Аs a British company easyJet falls under these regulations, meaning all flights operated by the company should be protected by EU261 if something were to go wrong.

  1. The disruption occurred within a certain period of time

How far back you can claim depends on the country regulations. The most common time period is up to 3 years, but there are several European countries which allow claims not older than six years. This is the case in the UK as well, where easyJet has its headquarters. However, you should have in mind that the older the claims, the harder it is to get to your money.

  1. Extraordinary circumstances for delays/cancellations not covered

If the delay or cancellation was caused by a third party and it’s out of easyJet’s control you are not entitled to compensation. Events such as bad weather, strikes, security risks, airport closures, medical emergencies etc. are the so-called force majeure situations, in which airlines can’t be responsible for the disruption.

  1. Keeping “the receipts” is crucial 

For many airlines, your boarding pass, baggage tag, and all other receipts from the airport’s purchases are crucial documents needed to process your compensation claim. So, make sure, you keep track of all expenses in order to get reimbursed if possible.

How much compensation can you get from ЕasyJet?

The amount of compensation you can get from easyJet doesn’t depend on the price of your ticket, but on the distance of the flight, as well as the amount of time it was delayed. Here is how much exactly you can get from easyJet: 

  • Short distances up to 1.500 km: 250 EUR
  • Medium distances between 1.500 – 3.500 km: 400 EUR
  • Long distances over 3.500 km: 600 EUR 

If еasyJet has cancelled your flight and you haven’t been notified at least 14 days in advance, in addition to a flight cancellation compensation, you have the right to receive a refund or an alternative flight.

How is Colibra covering ЕasyJet compensations?

Taking into consideration all necessary requirements needed to claim easyJet flight delay compensation proves how difficult and time-consuming the whole processing might be. The claiming at your own is quite prolonging and requires a lot of effort and nerve to go through. And at the end of it, you don’t even get a guarantee that you’ll receive compensation. Another option is to hire a lawyer or to use the services of professional flight compensation brokers, but again – you can’t be sure of the outcome of your case. 

Here comes Colibra in hand – the free travel app that pays you every time your flight is delayed by 1 hour or more. It only works pre-flight, meaning that you need to register your flight in the app prior to take-off, choose your preferable compensation amount and opt-in to receive a payment within 24 hours after landing. 

But how does it work? Colibra is a community of air travellers who share their potential right to receive compensations for 3+ hours flight delays so you get paid for flights that no airline would normally compensate for (flight delays between 1-3 hours). By doing so, Colibra collects compensations from the airlines, take the market-average service fee and then redistribute the rest to the community members with cancelled and delayed flights over 1 hour, thus making the regulation fairer, easier and more accessible. Given that the chance of a 90-minute delay is 30 times greater than the chance of a 3+ hour delay, Colibra offers a solution which means passengers are more likely to be paid more often.

Here is an example of easyJet customers, who benefited from Colibra’s solution and got their money in no time:

With Colibra claiming becomes easy and convenient! Get your app now and never worry about how to get what you deserve!

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