Get Money Back for Flight Delays during Covid-19 Crisis

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The shocking coronavirus crisis placed international transport, tourism and leisure businesses into an unprecedented situation which can’t be compared to anything that we have experienced so far.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused mass cancellations of flights, by airlines and passengers alike, closure of airports and even borders, quarantine and social life restrictions in many parts of the world, perhaps most harshly, at this moment, across entire Europe. The combination of flight cancellations and country-specific restrictions or bans costs the industry $880 billion according to the OAG

Colibra (the travel app used by 100.000 frequent flyers) has been designated as an enterprise to protect air travellers from some of the risks and tribulations associated with modern international air travel such as delays and cancellations of flights, and to assist passengers with their rights.

The original idea of Colibra is to guarantee them proper compensation every time their flight is delayed with 1+ hours or gets cancelled, allowing more flyers to take advantage of quicker, fairer and 20 times more frequent payments. 

However, the current situation is already not in the full sphere of management of international transport operators and is rather under direct governmental interference imposing barriers to travelling for the purpose of coping with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Undoubtedly, this force majeure leads to drastic business changes for numerous companies trying to manage these extraordinary events and struggling to stay on the market.

Colibra for Future Delayed Flights

Despite temporarily suspending the payout feature for cancelled flights due to the disruption of the entire aviation sector, Colibra still remains the only one company in the world that pays compensations for every 1+ hour flight delay in just 24 hours after landing, without asking for an insurance premium.

Knowing that under such circumstances some typical rights of passengers are not effective, Colibra makes sure that those who are still flying are definitely being compensated if anything were to go wrong. 

The company guarantees travellers money back no matter the delay reason, even if it’s coronavirus-related. There is no other compensation provider paying at the moment because the outbreak falls under the “extraordinary circumstances”, which is an event beyond the airline’s control.

A quick sign up for the free mobile app gets passengers the opportunity to register their upcoming flights no later than 20 minutes prior to take-off and secure compensation whether they are eligible under EU261 regulation or not.

At Colibra they believe that any delay is a pain and that flights delayed between 1 and 3 hours should be eligible for compensation too. Especially now when airlines are completely released of such obligations, meaning that they won’t pay anyone because of delays caused by the Covid-19 crisis, there is still someone out there looking up for disrupted air passengers.

The company is able to do this because its business model is based on solidarity. Whenever travelling via plane passengers would share their potential right with the travel community and when a certain condition is met (say they have a one-hour delay) they get paid from the community in 24 hours after landing.

This means Colibra, as a metaphorical community manager, takes the risk themselves, instead of placing the risk on the users and redistributes potentially eligible claims upfront to all their customers who experience a delayed flight. Just like that, delays no airline would pay for are turning into real compensations.

Colibra for Future Cancelled Flights

Aside from being the only company guaranteeing passengers flight delay compensations if their flights have been delayed by the deadly virus, Colibra helps international travellers offering them additional legal help to claim eligible compensations for cancelled flights as well.

To support those in need, they’re not requesting any payment for this service. In the case of legal representation, Colibra will notify the airline and if the airline does not take action, bring the claim in court, covering all related fees. 

To sum things up – if you are still travelling, make sure to use the app, because:

  • It’s currently the only way to receive compensation if flight delays due to coronavirus
  • It’s super easy and free: just download and register your next trip
  • It also protects you from cancellations eligible under EU261

The Colibra app is available on both the App Store and Google Play and is completely free to download.