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Why is it FREE?

Airlines ask you to pay in advance. When their service is terrible there is nothing you can do.

Colibra’s team thought this is not fair. You should pay after the service if it is acceptable.

With Colibra you book your flights like a normal travel agency. You pay after you land if your flight has landed without delays. If your flight lands with 3+ hours of delay you will fly for free. If it gets cancelled you do not pay. 

Soon our team will add hotels too. If your flight lands with 3+ hours delay your whole vacation is for free!

How is it FREE?

Because of what we do our marketing costs are lower than all the competitors. Our users help us grow with very little marketing spent. This marketing spent is contributed towards the free flights.

This is how our flights are as cheap as everywhere else!

Spend less on marketing and more on great service! If only airlines would do that instead of being late. Help us grow, share with a friend!

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