Fly Now, Pay If Okay: The Risk-Free Flight Ticket You Only Pay For If Your Flight Arrives On Time

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Imagine you live abroad. An important family event is approaching speedily and even if it’s not the best time to travel or get together, you’ve decided to take all precautions and fly home. So, you’ve bought the presents, took some days off, got yourself the plane tickets. Аnd just when you think there’s nothing to worry about, your flight gets cancelled just a week before departure. Not only that your plans are completely ruined, but you receive a voucher instead of a refund. “Warm” wishes from the airline and a failed family reunion. 

Let’s look at another scenario. You’re overwhelmed from all the stress this year and decide to take your beloved somewhere warm, somewhere far away from diseases and lockdowns. You choose an exotic destination, book the flights and surprise your partner with the most exciting gift. Perfectly planned, but poorly executed – the airline cancels the flight due to lack of passengers for this route. A real surprise this time…

In both cases, you don’t have any guarantee that you won’t lose money or experience further losses because of the instability in the aviation sector caused by the global pandemic. The general rule says that if there is no explicit decision by the authorities, government or other official institutions like airports to suspend flights, passengers should be compensated by the airline if the airline chooses to cancel flights themselves. However, а lot of airlines take advantage of the current situation and cancel flights with Covid-19 as a reason, which are in reality not related to the Covid-19 crisis at all. In the end, you’re left not only without compensation but in most cases without a proper refund. 

Here comes Colibra in hand. We’ve developed a service that offers flight tickets with no upfront cost. But that’s not just another marketplace for best airfare deals. Here’s the plot twist:

You book a flight at no charge and pay nothing if it gets cancelled or is 3 hours late. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. You get charged after the service is received, meaning you have landed less than 3 hours late. In all other cases (incl. cancellations), your flight is completely free with no service fee or markup, usually charged by online travel agencies.

But how does it work?

First, you choose your last-minute destination. Sunny Zanzibar, ancient Rome, beautiful Vienna – you name it, we’ve got it. Just have in mind that your flight must depart and arrive within 30 days from the booking date. Thus, we can cover all the risks and make sure you’re protected if anything happens.

Second, you add your credit or debit card details. As promised, we won’t charge you at the time of booking. The amount will just be blocked in your account and if your flight won’t be operated or gets enormously delayed (3+ hours), we’ll release the sum immediately. 

And third and last, you pay upon arrival. If your flight arrives with less than 3 hours delay we’d charge your card after landing. In all other cases, you’d fly for free! Sounds fun, right?

So pack your bags, get yourself a last-minute offer and fly with Colibra. The ‘Fly Now, Pay If Okay’ ticket, available in the app, might be the best alternative at the moment. Not only do you pay after your flight lands but you get full protection if something were to happen. We plan to soon add hotels and activities to have your complete travel experience covered.

Happy flying with Colibra!


Colibra app can be downloaded on both AppStore and Google Play.