International flight delay compensation

Flight delays, as unpleasant as they are, can occur when travelling by plane, so it’s a good thing for your, as a passenger, to know your rights.

If you are flying within the European Union then it’s a no brainer – the EU Regulation 261/2004 regulates and protects passenger’s rights by entitling them to a compensation in the case of a flight delay.

But what do you do if you are flying internationally and your flight gets delayed? The above mentioned regulation specifies exactly this scenario, so here is what you need to know.

Am I Eligible For Compensation For An International Flight Delay?

Passengers are eligible for a compensation only if certain conditions are met. But what about people who travel internationally?

Well regulation 261/2004 specifies that if your flight takes off from a country in the EU or the UK, as well as countries such as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, than you are protected in case of a flight delay and are entitled to a compensation.

The same thing applies when you are flying from a foreign country to the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. The important condition here is that you must fly with a licensed European airline.

Other conditions are the same when travelling in the EU as well as travelling internationally. Your flight delay must include the whole trip and the landing time, while exceeding 3 hours of delay.

You must also prove that the delay is by the airline’s fault. Unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances such as strikes, technical problems, bad weather, etc., don’t entitle you to a compensation.

The last thing to remember is that regardless of where you travel from or to, your flight must be an EU regulated one – otherwise you won’t be protected by the EU Regulation 261/2004.

What Am I Entitled To For My Delay?

The amount of the flight delay compensation is one of the things that passengers care most about – is all the effort really worth it?

The EU’s regulation precisely specifies what the amount of the financial compensation is and under what circumstances can you receive it:

  • A flight delay of 3 hours or more for a distance of less than 1,500 km will entitle you to a compensation of €250;
  • A flight delay of 3 hours or more for a distance between 1,500 km and 3,500 km will entitle you to a compensation of €400;
  • A flight delay of 3 hours or more for a distance of more than 1,500 km within the EU will entitle you to a compensation of €400;
  • A flight delay of 3-4 hours for a distance of more than 3,500 km between an EU and non-EU airport will entitle you to a compensation of €300;
  • A flight delay of 4 hours or more for a distance of more than 3,500 km between an EU and non-EU airport will entitle you to a compensation of €600;

It’s also important to point out that apart from the above mentioned financial compensation, you also get a bunch of other benefits that include free refreshments and meals (or meal vouchers), free access to Internet, phone calls and emails, as well as a hotel room if your delay is overnight.

How To Claim My Compensation?

Claiming your compensation is the real battle. Think about it – have you ever seen airlines advertise your right of compensation for a flight delay?

No, because they don’t want you to claim compensation. This is why it’s important to remember that you must fight for your right to be compensated – don’t wait for someone to come and give you money, because no one will.

So, what do you do when you are eligible for compensation and want to receive yours? Well, one way is to do it yourself, but you should be warned that airlines try and do everything they can to prolong the communication as much as possible.

They do that in the hope that passengers will eventually get tired and quit their claim.

Another way is to hire a lawyer who will represent your interests in front of the airline. The downside here is that lawyers demand an upfront payment while not guarantying any success in the outcome of the claim.

The more secure way is to use a third party who will play the role of a broker and claim your compensation instead of you.

The Colibra Way To Claim

Colibra is a simple and convenient mobile application that allows you to claim and receive your compensation in just a few easy steps.

The first one is to download and install the app on your phone and the second is to register your boarding pass. You must do it no later than 20 minutes after take-off.

Even if there is no expected delay, registering your boarding pass reassures you in case of a flight delay that you will be able to claim and receive your compensation.

So, why use Colibra instead of the traditional ways of claiming compensation? Well there are a few advantages in using a mobile app, especially Colibra, which include:

  • Receiving reliable and accurate information about the flight delay and it’s cause;
  • Saving yourself time, money and nerves in claiming your financial compensation;
  • Receiving a 100% guaranteed payment within 24 hours after landing;
  • Geting a free, fast and easy to use mobile app, without secret charges and terms.

Using air transport as your choice doesn’t have to be frustrating – not anymore. Using Colibra you ensure yourself a guaranteed and quick compensation in case of an international flight delay.

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