Hey there, we are Colibra.

“Colibra is the Robin Hood of Flight Compensations.” Bloomberg TV

Why We Exist


Did you know only a third of your 3+ hour flight delays (or cancellations) are eligible for compensation under the EC261 regulation because most of them are not the airline’s fault?

Is it fair to get compensated only on a third of your 3+ hour flight delays but get NO compensation for ALL your flights, regardless of the delay reason, which delayed between 1 hour and 3 hours (or got cancelled)?

At Colibra we believe any delay time is a pain and should result in a quick compensation for the passenger.

That’s why Colibra’s on a mission to turn any flight delay into an effortless and quick-paid compensation (paid in 24 hours).

We do this by taking the risk ourselves and redistribute potentially eligible claims upfront to all our customers who had a delayed or cancelled flight without asking for a pay from them. This way we all can turn the delays no airline would pay us (all 1-3 hour delays) into real compensations. Read a detailed description of how Colibra works here.

It’s amazing how better things would be for each one of us if we are working together.

One for all, all for one

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Colibra Travel Buddy – The Unified Flying Experience.

One single app to combine all elements of the flight process:

  • Book flight tickets with no upfront cost
  • Pay only if your flight’s complete & arrives under 3h late
  • Secure instant compensations by flight disruptions