How to get Ryanair flight delay compensation with Colibra

Most of us don’t give thought into it, but commercial flight is a modern miracle of engineering. What we do give thought to, though, are the delays that we experience, especially with budget airlines like Ryanair.

The more often you fly the more likely it is that you have experienced at least once a flight delay, and this can mean anything from a mild inconvenience to an infuriating cause of rescheduling.

Knowing your rights as an air traveler

When there are large infrastructures and scheduling involved, the chances of delays or miscommunication between different entities is increasingly high.

As a customer and a traveler, though, these should not be of your concern and when it happens it can be quite annoying.

The European Union, however, has taken some steps into protecting your rights, expressed in the so called EU261 Regulation.

What can you do in the case of a flight delay or cancellation

There are certain rules in place which we at Colibra take very seriously – they allow you to request flight delay compensation from the company which you are using.

However, there are certain criteria that you need to abide by in order to successfully receive the compensation. These requirements from the passenger are:

  • With Ryanair you can request flight compensation after the 2-hour mark, though by law they are requested to give you one after the 5-hour mark. The time can be estimated based on the official time of departure and your actual time of departure from the airport;
  • The responsibility of the delay is because of the conduct of the airline – in order for you to claim Ryanair flight delay compensation the reason for the delay must be of the airline itself. The parameters of this are clear and the airline is not responsible for the delay in cases where there is a security threat, political unrest, bad weather conditions and worker protests.
  • The flight must be inside the EU or departing from the EU, or in some cases, the intercontinental flight of a European based company. Meaning that even if you are arriving outside Europe you can apply for Ryanair flight delay compensation.
  • Extraordinary circumstances have occurred and they are the cause of the delay – though this can be disputed by the airline itself as it has happened on many occasions. Recent court hearings have shown that the vague statement of „Extraordinary circumstances“ is used by certain airlines as a way of evading paying out flight delay compensation.

How much should you expect for RyanAir to compensate you for

According to legislation there is a fixed minimum amount that each company should compensate you, though it often depends on the distance of the flight. The general guidelines for compensation of a delayed flight are as follows:

  • Short distance up to 1,500km equals 250 EUR;
  • Medium distances above 1,500km up to 3,500 km equals 400 EUR;
  • Long distance over 3,500 km up to 600 EUR;

How can Colibra help you get Ryanair flight delay compensation.

Companies often have delays and Ryanair is no exception, and this rule applies especially to budget airlines.

You can make an individual claim, however, companies are often reluctant to pay them out and will look for a way to forgo your compensation; or you could use a lawyer, but it’s more expensive and again not certain.

Using Colibra gives you access to automatic flight delay compensation based on your flight details, destination and departure time. We’ve managed to create a very convenient way of benefiting from your inconvenience – even if the delay is only 1 hour.

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