What are the signs of the best travel planning apps?

Travelling is more than a journey, sometimes arriving on time can seem like a gamble and it’s becoming less likely by the year, therefore one good rule when travelling is to plan ahead and to stay flexible. Once upon a time, it was done with a map and compass, but nowadays you have modern technologies that take a lot of the weight off the complex organization.

There are a lot of good mobile organisers and travel planning apps out there and today we are going to discuss how you can recognize an app that not only gives you the convenience, but also the functionality you are looking for.

How can we recognize the best travel planning apps?

Some people travel often, others do it only for a holiday – it’s the good old question you ask the passenger next to you “business or pleasure?” This goes for planning applications as well – your needs are going to determine what you need – there are apps like the one we have at Colibra, which allow you the flexibility of planning regardless of your needs.

It allows you flexibility in decisions

A big part of travel is that sometimes you have to think quickly on your feet and it helps if you get the right information at the right time – Colibra allows you to make better decisions on the move. Regardless if it’s about a gate closing or another re-opening, or it’s about a long delay which you want to cancel or re-schedule – we’ve made it possible for you to always stay informed.

Look for the convenience

Whenever choosing anything for when on the move, you are looking for convenience, whether it’s the size of the luggage, the date and time of the plane or the seat you have booked – travel is all about convenience. So why not keep the spirit of your endeavour and look for an application which holds all of your traveller’s information like boarding passes, QR codes and flight information?

With the best travel planning apps, you can enjoy the convenience of all important travel information at one glance. And when it comes to the fast-paced experience of air-travel, sometimes you need your information right where you can see it easily.

Get flight delay compensation without any hassle

And then it comes to the hassle of dealing with delays, as if it was not bad enough that your schedule is changing, you need to work out how you can receive the flight delay compensation. Good travel planning apps guarantee you hassle-free flight delay compensation and provide you with automatic results without even having to contact the company responsible for your irritation.

Colibra brings solutions not problems

The sad fact of modern air travel is that we more and more frequently end up delayed at the airport, sometimes up to 3-4 hours. Luckily the EU has thought of our rights and in 2014 created the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament or EU261 which provides you with the legal right to request compensation from the responsible parties.

However, airlines more often than nаught would prefer not to pay out the proper amount or outright refuse due to “unforeseen circumstances” which is a vague blanket statement. With our app, you don’t have to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare and instead enjoy hassle-free travel delay compensation each time you experience a delay – even a 60 minute delay.