Tickets Cancellation Policy


1. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of the service of Colibra Bulgaria EOOD (the “Company”) for the purchase of airline tickets, the customer within the meaning of the General Terms and Conditions agrees with this Policy for cancellation of services as follows.

2. The purchase of a Ticket is not subject to cancellation, and in this case there is no possibility to cancel a concluded contract for distance selling, as the latter is not applicable to the issuance and sale of airline tickets.

3. The customer does not have the right to cancel the block or otherwise withholding of the amounts specified in accordance with the General Terms and Condition on his/her credit or bank card.

4. The Client has rights under the purchased Ticket according to the rules of the respective airline with which he has concluded a contract for carriage by air transport. To the extent permitted by the latter, the Client may exercise the right of cancellation or a similar right to terminate the contract with the airline, the latter being entirely within the relationship between the Client and the airline. In case the exercise of such a right leads to additional costs, incl. fees, commissions or other expenses, they are entirely at the expense of the Client. In case such are withheld from, and paid by the Company due to the choice and decision of the Client, the Company utilizes the equivalent of these amounts paid from the credit or bank card of the Client, for which it may also block the card, and for both the Client gives his/her explicit consent, accepting the General Terms.