The True Art of Travel Planning

Whenever travel planning is involved there are certain things that people need to take into consideration – travelling can be stressful due to unforeseen circumstances.

This can be especially true due to last-minute flight delays or re-scheduling which can be quite annoying and even infuriating if you were relying on the scheduling of the airline company.

The miracle of modern travel and how Colibra makes it better

We’re more than aware of the difficulties many people in Europe have to go through ат airports – the parking, luggage check-ins, security and then going to the terminal – sometimes you have to be at the airport 4 hours prior to departure simply because it’s so cramped.

But this is worsened even more when it’s the Holidays and the flights are overbooked.

So how do you go about travel planning with grace? You go with Colibra, our newest travel application which provides you with the much-needed convenience and support of a traveller’s wallet as well as timely information on delays and departures as well as any last-minute gate changes.

It’s not travel without transport

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your travel go more smoothly, like good planning, convenient booking, good organization and time.

However, there are things that you cannot control, like the weather or the flight schedule not being properly vetted by the airline – this is true especially with budget airlines.

The predominance of convenient travelling has made prices of tickets go down drastically, especially prominent are the services of budget airlines like Wizair, RyanAir and EasyJet.

However, the lower price means that planes are on the move 24/7, with rare stops for refuelling and crew changes – running such a tight ship has its risks and most of the time the passengers pay for them in delays.

How to deal with delays?

One of the ways for you to deal with delays is to get the information on time, while you cannot control what happens, you can control how informed about it you are. With our accommodating app Colibra, you get the safety and satisfaction of timely reservations and information on gate openings, delays as well as departure and arrival times.

Go paperless and enjoy the conveniences of the 21st century

When in a hurry and you have things on your mind, air travel can become tiresome, especially if you happen to misplace your boarding pass – printing it out in a hurry at the airport can be a traveller’s nightmare.

However, with our application, you get the convenience of having all of your boarding passes in one place, without worrying about losing any important information.

Store boarding passes and QR codes in your Colibra app, get real-time notifications and information for your flight and share flight delay compensations with more than 1 million travellers around the world.

With us you get more than just information, you get justice for the delays no airline company will compensate you for – anywhere from 1 to 3 hours delays.

Colibra helps you organize and do the best travel planning you’ve ever done, all in one convenient spot – your personal phone. Enjoy charge-free flight delay compensation and enjoy your flyer rights without worrying about companies following the law – get justice the right way.