Getting easy TUI flight delay compensation with Colibra

Most airline companies suggest that you get an extra 2 hours early before a flight is scheduled to depart, then you have security and after that, you wait – up to 1 hour. And after all of that, there is an announcement that your flight is going to be delayed – sounds familiar, right?

We at Colibra take flight delays extremely seriously and have created a comprehensive app and guide on what you can do in cases where you want a TUI flight delay compensation.

The European Union cares for the treatment of passengers, especially with budget airlines such as TUI and so they have enacted a Regulation called EU261 allowing a passenger to claim a flight delay compensation of up to 600 EUR.

Under what circumstances am I eligible for TUI flight delay compensation?

Companies tend to comply with this Regulation, however, will do all they can in order to avoid paying out flight delay compensation, most of the time claiming „extraordinary circumstances“.

The vague wording of this criteria means that companies can claim these circumstances in order to avoid paying out their 300 scheduled passengers up to 600 EUR each.

These are the things you need to know when it comes to TUI flight delay compensation:

  • Time of delay must be at least 3 hours long;

European Regulation states that the flight must be at least 3 hours delayed in order to claim such compensation. This includes the trip and landing time.

  • The airline is solely responsible for the delay;

For you to claim TUI flight delay compensation the company must have been proven to be at fault for the delay. In cases where extraordinary circumstances have occurred like political unrest, extremely bad weather, safety concerns, worker strikes etc. you are not eligible for a flight delay compensation.

  • The flight must be regulated by the EU;

In cases where the company is operating within the confines of European legislation and territory you are eligible for TUI flight delay compensation.

This also follows if the flight is departing from Europe or is landing in Europe and is carried out by a company which is situated in Europe.

In cases of intercontinental travel with companies outside of EU regulation, you cannot request flight delay compensation according to EU261.

How can we at Colibra help you?

Airline companies are financial entities which depend on their profits. A delay for them is a money pit which they would try to avoid within the confines of the law.

There are some things that companies like TUI do in order to avoid paying your flight delay compensation like the differing definitions of words.

In cases where you are denied TUI flight delay compensation, we at Colibra have devised a very streamline application which allows you to claim flight delay compensation without any hassle.

As long as you qualify for the compensation within the timeframe of the delay, meaning it has been more than 3 hours, you can claim your compensation automatically.

Our application saves you the hassle of dealing with airline companies and lawyers, giving you an automatic resolution to your inconvenience. We do care about your well-being so we’ve made it possible for you to make your inconveniences a convenience.

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