If you check-in online what do you do at the airport

Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience which modern technology brings? It allows us to do so much more, with fewer mistakes and less hassle overall.

This is why so many people choose to use online check-in – but those who are new to the digitalization of modern flying, don’t really know what to do at the airport.

The benefits of online check-in and why you should do it all the time

Online check-in is extremely convenient and we recommend you use it even if you are not a frequent flyer. For those of you who have to travel a lot – it’s almost a must simply due to the convenience.

As a company which focuses on customer rights and convenience, we cannot recommend online check-in more and it’s for a couple of reasons.

You can choose your seat

Even if with initial booking you have chosen your seat, once you check-in you are allowed to choose your seat once again.

Some airlines support online check-in 24 hours prior to departure which gives you plenty of time to pick which aisle and row you want – maybe you want more legroom, or you’d like to see the sunrise?

With regular check-in, you don’t really have a choice since most people check-in their luggage and the seats are automatically given out – unless there are special medical cases which are priority seating.

With the digital version, you get to do all of the boring paperwork and luggage check-in prior and avoid the huge inconvenience of the long lines.

You don’t have to get to the airport so early

In cases where you have to check-in physically, you should be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to official departure, sometimes 160 minutes. This is a huge time saver which means you can have a more relaxed experience rather than wait in 2 separate lines for check-in and luggage drop-off.

When using the digital check-in, once at the airport, all you have to do is drop your luggage which you have already checked-in citing the weight and dimensions of your bags.

This saves you more than 40 minutes in queues and waiting – also you don’t have to print your boarding pass and have it with you.

No physical boarding pass

This synergises extremely well with our own travel application Colibra which provides you with a digital traveller’s wallet for all of your boarding passes.

After online check-in you get a QR code, you scan it with our app and you have all of the flight and boarding pass information available at one glance – it’s simple, easy and free of charge.

Dealing with flight disruption and delays

When dealing with flights, the hassle of airport lines and security allows for a lot to go wrong, not to mention how often companies overbook certain flights simply out of their own convenience.

When a passenger has been at the airport 2 hours in advance, then made to wait 2 more hours with a flight delay of 3 hours – you realise that flying isn’t the romantic experience you hoped for.

How Colibra helps you

When dealing with airline companies you realize that they are financial entities that care more about their capital than your actual comfort.

The chance of getting a flight delay claim approved by an airline without any 3rd party assistance is astronomical – mostly because airlines don’t want to part with 600 EUR.

Colibra allows you to claim your justice automatically, no hassle, no problem – simple and easy.